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This is the first of an occasional series in which Change Alley looks at the state of environmental debate at the grassroots. No deep analysis here, local opinion will be allowed to speak for itself for the most part, although it may prove hard to resist the odd comment or two in passing.

The Western Daily Press is a Bristol-based regional newspaper covering Avon, Wiltshire, Devon, Dorset and parts of Gloucestershire and South Wales. The Press celebrates its 150th anniversary in June, but has kept firmly up to date with a successful online edition that provides a number of interactive features to allow readers to ‘have their say’. Here is a recent thread from their Forum pages, contributors’ details have been omitted to avert embarrassment, but you can read the whole thing here.

Manmade or natural?

  • There is a threat to some wetlands and their inhabitants due to dry winters. Do you believe that climate change is manmade or is it a natural cycle of the earth?
  • History tells us that climate change has always taken place. The Romans grew vines in the Severn Valley. The climate change con has been put about by governments in order to (a) A good excuse to tax us more and (b) to try to get us to save oil and gas which are of course finite resources. If you look at the scientists who have supported the theory they have all been paid by government grants to say whay the government wants to hear. Independent scientists have very grave doubts about lots of the so called facts that have been produced.
  • To believe we can destroy what has taken all of eternity to create, just by what is essentially ‘keeping warm’, is fanciful I think. . That doesn’t mean I don’t believe we should be protecting, conserving and always trying to find ways to improve our environment. . We certainly should; and increasingly so. . But in any case, in the overall scheme of things the Earth is pretty insignificant. . . . Mind you I do know someone who believes that if you haven’t got a PASSPORT and don’t fly, you should get petrol FREE OF TAX; and if you haven’t got a car either you should get FREE BEER! . . AND HAVE TO SAY I AGREE WITH HIM!
  • I find some of the comments made by so called experts quite annoying.These people travel round the globe warning us of climate change and how do they travel,by plane.When they get to their destination how do they get to the venue,by car.So to me it’s just a load of eco freaks on the take.They get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for speaking out of their backsides.We’ve been down this road millions of years ago.What about the ice age,i suppose that was the dinosaurs fault for letting off too much methane
  • The indignity of ‘The Speaker’ of the House of Commons personifies the corrupt thinking of all these people. . . The jailed Conservative politician Jonathon Aitken, was jailed for lying under oath about hotel expenses for his daughter I believe. . . They are all disgusting hypocrites. . . And WE are paying their wages. . . Is it surprising we try and avoid paying Income Tax.

And there we have it. Five degrees of separation to take us from drying wetlands to political corruption and tax avoidance. A valuable insight into the thought processes of the Man On The Yeovil Omnibus. It makes one so proud that the British public can penetrate the blanket of lies and propaganda on climate change and see it for what it really is.


Written by Pete Smith

March 28, 2008 at 10:49 am

2 Responses

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  1. Excellent article. It made me laugh even though it’s really quite serious.

    Mind you, someone on the forum called the experts “eco-freaks on the take” and in some cases I certainly can’t argue with that.

    Who are the two handsome chappies there? Do you have their number? Lol.


    March 29, 2008 at 10:18 am

  2. “Who are the two handsome chappies there? Do you have their number?”
    They’re my cousins. Seth (on the right) probably won’t be out for quite a while, if at all, but Jethro is back in circulation after a change of medication.

    Pete Smith

    March 29, 2008 at 9:58 pm

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